Friday, December 28, 2007

I've been everywhere man

The last quarter of my life has been insane. I travelled to San Diego, Opelousas, Indian Shores, DC (too many times to count) and St. Louis. Along the way I have met some incredible folks; picked up a sinus infection, which kicked my ass;(No Thanksgiving dinner for yours truly) and successfully pass the baton of Christmas dinner to my daughter. She stepped up and provided an awesome feast.

Year end is our busiest time in this business, we bound coverage for the last account with a 1/1 expiration date this afternoon. We were literally getting quotes on the way to the account this morning. Whew!

I am finally in a position to restore a little normalcy to my life. 2008 looks pretty cool. I am healthy. Most of my friends and family are still on this side.

The progressive think tank board for which I sit, has requested that fill the VP's seat with goal of assuming the Presidency in 2009. I chatted with a few trusted members of my staff & with them keeping the eye on the shop, I have the luxury of stepping up into this role.

I close this year feeling blessed that I had the privildege of being able to be sick and actually miss three days of work AND having the insurance to visit the doctor.

Unfortunately, being able to get sick and get paid has become a priviledge in our society. That is just not right.

The think tank has managed to be at the table to make some policy changes at the Commonwealth level.The insurance companies are an intrusive third party in the sacred relationship between the patient and the doctor.

Before changes are made, health care providers, insurance companies, pharmacies must be accountable for their role in the current disfunctional medical industry.

I hope to change the way health care is delivered at least in our corner of the planet.

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