Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We've only just begun

Most significant events are captured with the backdrop of a song. For some reason, I have the "We've only just begun" dancing in my head.

After checking in with my folks this morning, who are just thrilled. I reflected on the Civil Rights activities that were coordinated in our modest home and local church. They were instrumental in getting black history incorporated into the curriculum; affordable housing for our neighbors and the right to register as Democrat without retribution. They spoke out when others, for their own reasons, sat silent. My heroes. My role models. Their struggles made my freedom to move about the world possible.

They are stunned and thrilled about today. They NEVER thought a black man would lead our nation.

Today I celebrated this historic event with a few of my dearest friends and my fellow committee persons who skipped the bus trip to DC.

We converged up the local Champs. While packed, it was a different energy than the NFC Championship Eagles game.

I felt different than Election night. Maybe because today represented the shutting of one door and the opening of another. No tears, just joy.

It was funny how the place cheered when Bush departed. It was even cooler when most of the place stood during our national anthem.

(My daughter is a Y counselor and she had her kindergartners stand during different parts of the Inauguration).

There was a group confession, that this was our first Inauguration. None of us knew the flow of events.

After he was sworn in, the place erupted. The speech was a roadmap of what we can expect from him and more importantly, what is expected of us.

I'm feeling an optimism coupled with healthy trepidation that is felt on a happy occasion such as a Wedding or Graduation. 

I am now truly part of the We the People, a club, property owning white guys were always admitted. 

Tomorrow I return to my normal life with a ton of joy in my heart.

"A kiss for luck and we are on our way"

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