Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Phall Classic: Phillies lose to the Yankees

Maybe because we won last year. Maybe because Hamels lost his mind, Lidge lost his mojo and Howard couldn't hit a sliding curve I am not surprised how the story ended on this season. Nor am I frustrated, annoyed or other adjectives associated with being a Philly Phan.

But, it was still a good season. We picked up Cliff Lee. Manuel delivered a pennant not knowing what he would get out of his pitching staff. How many teams would be thrilled to play in the World Series?

I want to hate the Yankees. But the only whack job well whack jobs are A-Rod and AJ Burnett. The rest seems like nice guys if they were wearing another uniform. Forgot about the ownership, Georgie boy and his sons gave the Girardi the players to bring home a championship.

There is a core of guys who have the foundation of building a dynasty. What more can a phan ask for? The Phillies are the second best team in the MLB.

Second best.

HMMM Well now, that was a pile of bullshit.

I have another night in St. Louis, I planned on watching my Phillies crush the Yankees in their house.


BOOOOOOOOOOOOO, where is my snowball?

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