Thursday, August 16, 2007

Work Place Epiphany

The summer is coming to a close. My insane clients, with the exception of one, are blessedly on vacation.

The staff vacation rotation has begun. Because of what we do, they rarely take week long blocks. We are so thin on staff, no one is available to pick up the slack in their work, adding to their stress. Having survived a third sale, this year things are different. They all were instructed to take a least five work days in a row. The down time is essential.

As a practice, they are strictly forbidden from taking their laptops, blackberries and cell phones with them. This year is no exception, they really need the break. I do practice what I preach.

After my daughter graduated from high school I stopped taking summer vacations. I have found that by taking my vacation in the fall, my break from work stress is longer.

With fall approaching, the budget process is looming in the horizon. I doubt there will be any major changes. I anticipate carrying my former COO, now a mentor producer, on my books. He is an overpaid buddy of the CEO. Of course, he makes more money than me. Enough said.

We will only provide for maximum 3% raises and expect more productivity while the shareholders print money.

Our division limps along without the infrastructure to service our clients. We are a pimple on the backside of this billion dollar enterprise, but keeping our servers running seems to be a major task.

Recently, my best friend ask me "Why are you more committed to this company than your boss?"

Good question.

The pool is waiting.

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