Sunday, April 20, 2008

Obama rumbles through Paoli

Obama's train tour has introduced Paoli to the nation. Booman has a great slide show on his site which truly captures the excitement of the event. The Whistle stop was like no other event. Four Amtrak rail cars, a sunny day, a crowd of 3K......

The success of the event highlight's Obama's ability to couple the old fashion techniques with new technological tools. We were notified via e-mail of this Truman like event.

As the Clintons bitch and moan, what seems lost on them, is the fact that Obama is running a well organized, managed and funded campaign. Period. The wheels fell off of the Clinton Campaign in February. She underestimated Obama. Lack of planning, arrogance or worse incompetence. Sound familiar?

I have been working as a Co-Regional Resource Coordinator for Obama. Our Region is made up of the Main Line (Wayne); a recovering steel town (Phoenixville), and rural towns such a Avondale, West Grove and Kennett; a snapshot of the PA demographic.

I have seen from the ground level the excitement inspired by Obama. He has generated an increase of new registered voters. My 21 year old daughter helped, without any arm twisting, me with voter registration.

As I shared with a dear friend of mine, Obama has already changed the political landscape. He finds this position unacceptable, "a moral victory is not enough, he must win", he counseled me. Did I mention he is a brilliant attorney? I wouldn't have him any other way. I digress.

The counties that delivered Rendell to Harrisburg will deliver a PA victory for Obama.

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