Saturday, April 26, 2008

William Jefferson Davis Clinton and the Uppity Negro Syndrome

Hooray for David Zephyr. He has eloquently stated what most folks are too polite to discuss in mixed company.

Obama is what is referred to as a Uppity Negro.  Some white folks who, for whatever reason only known to themselves, resent articulate educated black folks. It as if his ability to succeed against all odds has denied them of their American dreams. 

When Obama is called Elitist, it is an obvious code for Uppity Negro. Oh the flashbacks...

I remember working my way through college as a McDonald's shift manager in rural America. My direct manager did not go to college.  Managing a fast food joint was her career choice. She grew up in a suburban community that grew as the result of white people fleeing the city. She hated me and made my life miserable. Finally, I confronted her. "What is your problem?" I challenged. "Just because you are going to college, you think you are better than me," she countered. "You are such an uppity nigger," she continued. Her bitterness was palpable.
I was speechless.  We were working side by side flipping freakin' cheeseburgers. Granted with different goals. This was not my endgame. I suppose she felt trapped. 

It is amazing how folks can't see beyond superficial patriotism such as cloaking oneself in a flag. How well has the flag waving President run our country? Would they vote for Obama if he wore a flag pin? Would that take away their reason? Rev. Wright is not running for POTUS. Non-issue. Should you not vote for Hillary because she stayed with her cheatin'  husband for MORE than 20 years? He let her go on her "right wing conspiracy tour" knowing he was less than faithful. I guess that falls under for "better or worse."

It is a distraction to the real issues: 

     uncompetitive education system
     living wages
     affordable health care
             honorable retirement
             our planet

How dare Obama run an efficient well organized campaign? How dare he not wait his turn? How dare he not be an angry black man? How dare he? Who does he think he is?

So these citizens will vote for Hillary or McCain. Both will continue this misguided war AND start another one. More jobs will flow overseas; gas prices will rise to $5 a gallon; health care prices will soar. Will these conditions help these people?

My beloved country is a mess. The selling of the notion that blacks will steal their dream dates back to the birth of the country. It's funny, it was those who were oppressing the poor whites spinning this tale. It continues sadly by the Clintons.

When will these citizens drop their racial fears/discomforts and reach across the aisle to the people of color who have similar economic interests?

Talk about a revolution...........

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Thanks for writing - I totally agreed.