Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gilbert, a New Member of the First Wive's Club

Decision 2010 had zippo to do with a political race. LBJ was the main focus of the sports media specifically ESPN.

Just like Favre's retirement of the week, LBJ Decision was media coverage on steriods. Well for those who complained, unless your remote was broken, you were not forced to watch this announcement.

Was Geraldo the producer?

disclaimer time: I did not watch it.

As far as the Cav's owner's reaction, well it was just silly. Chris Broussard has a nice piece.

Athletes are moved around like chess pieces. How often do they find out their fate by a reporter?

Well if LBJ was everything the Cav's owner said that he was, who enabled this behavior.

LBJ picked another and I suppose Gilbert is feeling like a first wife. Gave all that he had only to be discarded for a younger, prettier love.

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