Monday, July 26, 2010

Race, Reaction, Responsibility

What happened to Ms. Sherrod last week was brutal. I am more appalled by the White House and the NAACP.

I expect zippo, squatta from Fox or the the uber conservative wing of the country.

What I expect from the NAACP and my BLACK President is fairness.

A rookie supervisor would have slowed down the events, conducted a investigation BEFORE asking for this woman's resignation.

I was expecting better. I as a black citizen DEMAND better.

NAACP was once a fine organization, your age is showing and it has not been graceful.

You wonder why your relevance is questioned.

Mr. President,

There are folks who will NEVER accept your presidency, EVER. You reach out and they punch you. YOU have no more cheeks...

Every single freakin' time race becomes an issue YOU end up apologizing. Stop it.

The cops were heavy handed in handling Professor Gates. What happened to Ms. Sherrod was terrible.

If you did not have a secret service detail, YOU would be stopped for no particular reason just like the rest of us on a daily basis.

What happened last week shows that we are not a post racial society, yet...

Like anyone else important in my life, I love you enough to call you out.

You have done great things in 18 months but you are doing a terrible job of messaging. That crew in the Senate has been bruuuutaaaaal.

Do you really think the Senate will do any better if we lose the critical majority in November?

The DINOs have been a pain in the ass.

You NEED to get over yourself and do better.

Ms Sherrod you really should sue Andrew Breitbart just for sport!!!


Trakker said...

Hi Sallie. Spot on. I wonder if Barack needs some new advisers? He promised so much as a candidate. I think his cowardly advisers have talked him out of a lot of those promises. I think the people are way ahead of the politicians these days.

Sally Hemings in Paris said...


I wish you weren't right.