Monday, December 27, 2010

Soundtracks of my Life: Lady T, Teena Marie

College for me was the beginning of trying to break out and embrace new friends, experiences and of course music.

In 1979 WDAS was the only soul station on the local airwaves. On my way back to school, Deja Vu poured out of my car (vintage 74 pinto) radio. Wow. The song, her voice spoke to me.

Once I was white Gisele on horseback riding free
Searching in the darkness for a piece of me

The white Gisele should of given me a clue. The songstress with a voice of angel was white, but at the time and now it didn't matter.

I was hooked. Whenever, she had a new record (not CD cherubs), I had to have it.

I can feel it for sure, I've been here before

Like her, a Music Man stole my heart. Like her, he broke my heart. In fairness to him,
he never lied to me. I thought my love would be enough for you know how that familiar story goes.

Once I was a Queen, you know, on island by the sea
With rainbow colored people 
Happy as can be
Never had a problem
Never had a care
love was overflowing
and its feeling shared

I had no idea we were so close in age. She is five years my senior which will explain how she seem to always capture my emotional state in a timely manner.

Seeking freedom and musical control, she successfully sued Berry Gordon and Motown. Talented but not afraid to fight.

She seemed to be...well normal and real, compared to most celebrities.

She had a plan to stop touring but was scheduled to perform this weekend.

My search for a piece of me continues.

My prayer is that she is "not coming back no more."

Thanks for the music, my Wild and Peaceful sister

May you find peace,

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