Monday, October 23, 2006

"He has no choice, but to go for it"

There were four seconds left in the game between the Eagles and the Buccaneers. Kicking a field goal was Gruden's only option. Tampa's kicker, Matt Bryant's career best to date was a 50 yarder. He had to kick a 62 yarder to win the game.

Tom Dempsey and Jason Elam share the record for the longest field goal at 63 yards. Anderson, Ackers maybe. Matt Who? History was on our side.

When I told my daughter Tampa has to go for the field goal. "Mom you have just jinxed us" she said, clearly annoyed." No baby, it just makes sense" as I defended my commentary.

She refused to watch. " I'll just clear the lunch dishes". I paced for what seemed an eternity.

As the time ticked away, Matt @#$% Bryant lined up and kicked the ball. It was a scenario that he, no doubt, has played out in his head a thousand times. That ball cleared the goalpost with a few yards to spare. With my moan, my daughter knew the outcome. You have to give Bryant props, the kick was perfect. Bastard.

I made my obligatory call to my Dad. He just rambled. " I can't believe it. It had to be a record. Who is he? Never heard of him. I am too old for this.." He hung up to watch the interview with the man of the hour.

Maybe it was the Floridian heat, this week the Eagles offense did not get into a rhythm until the fourth quarter. It was just ugly. The Eagles managed to come back from a 17 point hole that they dug for themselves. With four seconds left the Eagles were up by one.

Who would have thought that a previously unknown kicker would have a SportsCenter moment at the expense of my Eagles?

Final score: Tampa 23, Eagles 21.

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