Monday, October 16, 2006

It's not easy being an Eagle's Fan

Ok, I must admit I have scheduled my weekends in the fall around my beloved Eagles for as long as I can remember. Due to life's circumstances, my friend and I traveled to New England Columbus Day weekend. We stayed with friends who converted a "cottage" bed and breakfast into a private home. This "cottage" which is located in Bar Harbor has seven bedrooms and bathrooms. Our host friends provided a wonderful place to stay, wonderful conversation and awesome food. We had such a good time it was really hard to leave. The original plan was to leave Sunday morning in enough time to land in Concord, MA to be settled for the start of THE game.

My friend and I hit the road after we had a wonderful lunch that included fresh popovers and tea a local favorite. The weather and the scenery were spectacular. At the mid-point of our journey, my baby called. She, rightfully, was concerned if I was going to see the kickoff. She was horrified that I was in a car and not in front of the tube. So she decided to provide updates. (I have a great kid.) So between her play by play and updates from the NY channels we could pick up, it was the best I could do. At one point we managed to pick up a Philly station for a fleeting moment. The voice of Merrill Reese was music to my ears. Because the universe has a cruel sense of humor we couldn't keep the channel. UGH.

My friend was equally amused and sympathetic to my plight. The game was back and forth. Each time there was a score my cell phone rang. My daughter has the makings of a play by play analyst. She was filled with glee when that former Eagle dropped a perfectly thrown pass AND he was wide open. The Philly fans responded appropriately with a BOOOOOOOO and the chant O.D, O.D. Brotherly love at its best.

The Eagles send the worst crybaby player and the dreaded Cowboys (BOOOO) packing. After we landed in Concord, MA, we found an adequate restaurant, then we retreated to our rooms. She blogged and I found a sports channel to watch the game highlights. Thank God for ESPN.

This past Sunday, the Eagles played the Saints. The poor young lady who braids my hair was stuck with me this week. My daughter tracked me down to make sure that I was near a TV. Unfortunately, I actually saw the game.

I guess the offense did not make the trip to New Orleans. Or maybe the playbook was lost in a piece of luggage. Philadelphia has to be the second worst airport in the country. Santa Barbara is number one. The first half was just awful. I guess the airport services finally delivered the offensive team and the playbook at half time.

Reggie Brown played a good game. The defense prevented the game from being a good old fashioned asswhippin'. The Saints are a good team. If there was a loss, this was one of the better teams to lose to.

Nah. A loss is a loss.

Final score Saints 27, Eagles 24.

To compound the problem, America's team (BOOOOO) won their game.

It's not easy being an Eagle's Fan.

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