Sunday, October 29, 2006

Let's not talk about sex...

Chris Rabb, Chief Evangelist at asks the question: Is the RNC ad against Harold Ford, Jr.racist?

Harold Ford, Jr. Is in a tight Senate race in Tennessee. If he wins, it will be the first time that the South sends a black man to the Senate since the time of Reconstruction.

For the last week, the MSM has played segments of this ad over and over again. Ken Mehlman, head of the RNC, initially said that he did not have the authority to pull the ad. I guess he had to ask his supervisor, Karl Rove for permission. Then he downplayed the racial implications of the ad. This is the same man who has spent endless hours reaching out to the black clergy around the country to, at least, split the black vote. Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson even expressed dismay with the party of Lincoln's need to stoop to such an ad. Eventually, the ad was reportedly pulled.

To respond to question, of course the ad is racist. The Republicans have always played the race card. In close elections, this is their hail Mary play. Why? Because it usually works. The impact will not be known until the ballots are counted.

Like it or not, we spend far too much time in this country worrying about sex. Mind you, in the right setting, I'd be happy to chat about it all night. The right for gays to marry; abortion; unmarried sex and the time tested favorite, black men sleeping with white women; always surface during the election season.

There is this group of self-righteous people who want to dictate when, with whom and how we have sex. They want to punish folks for having sex in a manner that they have deemed unacceptable. This distraction has become the centerpiece of the values movement.

The President with our inept Congress drug us into a war against a country that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. The brave soldiers, whose lives are being sacrificed, in this game of democracy building last names do not include Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Frist or Kennedy.

Is this a moral value?

Bush baby has simply ignored the Constitution. Our Constitutional rights have been wiped out through a series of bad legislation; executive priviledge interpretation; and the infamous signing statements.

Are these moral values?

In order to give tax breaks to people like me, they have mortgaged my newborn grandbaby's future, by borrowing money from China.

Is this a moral value?

The healthcare benefits that my working class parents took for granted have become a luxury for the average American. The now popular consumer driven insurance products are DESIGNED to discourage use and increase profitability.

Is this a moral value?

Education is the great equalizer. No Child Left Behind has been improperly administered and chronically underfunded. Those who thought this was a good idea, including the yahoos who helped pass this bill, send their children to private schools. Or they live in a community whose property taxes are so high thereby automatically making the school system virtually private.

Is this a moral value?

Illegal Immigration has become the perfect means of outsourcing jobs internally. The employers who make profits by exploiting these workers should be tossed in jail next to gang from Enron. The billions of dollars that these employers do not pay in payroll taxes would finance the tax cuts the Republicans so dearly embrace. The illegals would not be running across the border if there were not jobs to run to. The jobs that Americans refuse to do, would be filled by Americans if they were paid a living wage.

Is this a moral value?

The demise of my marriage to a male was not caused by Fred and Barney's desire to formalize their love.

If Buffy gets an abortion that is between her and her God. It is none of my business.

The issues that are my business are: a bad war; loss of Constitutional rights; poor educational system; folks who are under or unemployed and lack of affordable healthcare for my fellow citizens.

Let's not talk about sex until these real moral value issues have been addressed.

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