Friday, September 26, 2008

Bonuses, Bush, Bailout, McCain to the rescue?

Today, I finally got off the roller-coaster ride just to catch my breath. To say the last fifteen days working as a mid-level insurance executive has been a nightmare is an understatement.

AIG has been doing their own thang forever. For anyone working in our business to say they were surprised has been sleeping in a cave somewhere. The underlying insurance companies are fine. The AIG executives, like everyone, got neck deep in the mortgage bullshit gambled and lost.

What is so not funny about what is happening in DC is the lack of accountability and responsibility that the Einsteins who ran these companies into the ground.

Personal responsibility is the bedrock of the Reagan Republican platform. Remember how Reagan demonized the welfare queen?

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. You spend beyond your means, its your problem. If you fail to keep a job, its your problem.

Now we have a bunch of greedy bastards on Wall Street who gambled with big dollars and lost. The fired or still employed executives are pulling down multi-million salaries and bonuses. How come they are not forgoing at least a portion of their salaries to save their companies?

The Bush-McCain team has brought us to this point in history. Deregulation means no one is watching the store. The end result is has brought us the biggest economic collapse in our history. 

Have we forgotten the two wars we a waging that are costing we the taxpayer billions of dollars while Bush and Cheney's buddies are making money off of no-bid contracts?

McCain, who has not voted on a bill since April, as the economic implosion was occurring a week ago, said our economy was fundamentally sound, flew to DC to do what? A White House photo op? This is straight out of the Karl Rove playbook.

Eight years ago, the fine citizens of our nation, used "somebody I could have a beer with" as a criteria to chose a President. Four years later, Kerry was Swiftboated. 

McCain's first decision as a candidate chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. My fellow citizens have been smitten Governor Palin.  The polls are a dead heat. My God.

The FBI is conducting an investigation. You and I know someone was screwing around with the books at a level worse than Enron and Worldcom to get their bonuses.

As for Paulson, he and his posse created this mess and we are to give him a blank check and say "that's fine Big Daddy we trust you, again."  His solution was a 2.5 page document. My annual business plan and accompanying budget is longer. Trust me my budget does not include that many zeroes.

Are you kidding me?

Is personal responsibility only for the working poor and middle class?

We don't need a Maverick who didn't bother to read Paulson's extensive bailout plan to run our country. He actually appears to be less inquisitive than Bush.  What are McCain's solution to this economic crisis.

As for Palin, sigh. Putin flying over the no fly zone of Alaska equates to to foreign experience?

My head hurts.


Trakker said...

"How come they are not forgoing at least a portion of their salaries to save their companies?"

Um, maybe because they know the taxpayers always pay for capitalism's big mistakes?

McCain: putting the "ick" back in Maverick! [not my own, but I love it!]

Sally Hemings in Paris said...

Well stated!