Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lidge: Sure Load the F@#$%ing bases

For the most part, the game was not eventful, until the last inning. Just for the theatrics of it all, Lidge our money closer, loaded the bases. Ugh.

I am watching in horror, running numerous outcomes in my head, none good. "Once again, these bastards are not going to wrap this puppy up until the last game. If they don't blow that game." Lidge should be called Ledge. Now, he gets nervous. Mix up the pitches and for God sake keep them low. You are not alone, just throw a double play pitch. You don't even have to strike 'em out. Holy hell."

It is amazing how many scenarios can run through your head in between pitches.

Then it happened, a clutch play by trashing talking J-Ro.

Unlike, Gonzalez, the author of this piece, and his buddy Wax, I was a sophomore in college, the last time the Phillies the series.

I know what that looks like and I want another....

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