Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bush the MBA President

I suppose W slept through most of his classes. He proudly boasted of his poor grades. Cs do get degrees.

It is amazing how much damage one administration can do to a democracy. He has walked to the beat of his own drum. When W didn't get in the way, Pappa sent in his SWAT to quietly clean up his mess.

Unfortunately, W was too stupid, stubborn or both to listen to his Dad or any adult for that matter. Pondering simply did not occur.

I assume crisis management is one of the required courses in any MBA program. To our horror,  W and company has created one crisis after another.

McCain's campaign is one crisis after another. The selection of Palin as his runny mate speaks to McCain's judgement.

His attitude about the economy and his erratic behavior this week scares me. If he can't manage himself and his campaign, how on earth is he going to manage our country?

Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job. Life was so simple then........

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