Thursday, September 04, 2008

RIP Russ challenges the MSM to do their jobs

h/t Rip Russ

The MSM carried water for the Bush administration during the lead up to this fiasco in Iraq. If they had did their jobs maybe my grandbaby and his children would not be stuck paying the bills for this mess.

The McCain team is coming out of the shoots pushing back the media. A strategy clearly taken from the Rove playbook.

My only hope is there are enough citizens who will not buy this nonsense again and vote with their pocketbooks.

I have and will continue to register new voters in SE Pennsylvania. More often than not, I am registering Democrats. There is a need to open a Democratic office in the Oxford, West Grove area. I grew up in that area and you had to register Republican but quietly vote Democrat.

The change is here and maybe the MSM will catch up to it.

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