Monday, October 06, 2008

OJ Simpson: An American Tragedy

OJ had the world by the balls. Hall of Fame football career; lucrative post football career; loving friends and family.

He dumped his loyal first wife for young blonde beauty, made a couple more kids. Because of his insane behavior, the beautiful blonde took a hike. But no, OJ read too many press clippings. He was the man and refused to be dumped.

The same percentage of Americans who think W is doing a good job represent the same percentage of clueless wonders who think some other than OJ killed Nicole and Ron.

The not guilty verdict left me stunned. What further surprised me was how the black community embraced this man. OJ walked away that community YEARS ago. 

For anyone to suggest OJ faced the same indignities as any black man in Compton or LA is just absurd.

His money, fame and a lousy DA department bought OJ a second chance the average black man would kill for.

Maybe it was guilt or the makings of a really bad Edgar Allen Poe saga, that led OJ to break into the hotel room on that fateful evening. 

You would have thought he would have quietly rode off into the sunset. Hell, when MJ was found not guilty he had enough sense to leave the freakin' country.

Not OJ, he  dropped his pants and mooned the world. Now, he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. You can't convince me that the other verdict didn't loom in their subconscious. I have zero sympathy for this man. He simply wasn't a nice person and was too arrogant to get out of his own way.

What a dumbass.............

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