Sunday, October 19, 2008

W success

W was and is a failure.  He managed to trump Nixon and Hoover in the race for the worst President. 

However, he has succeeded in doing what no Democrat or Democrat apparatus has been able to do...........destroy the conservative brand of the Republican Party.

The "silent majority" originating with Nixon, further developed by Reagan are moving away from the Republicans.

Anyone not sleeping in a cave knows the litany of reasons why. As the pundits argue the last election, the "sleeping majority" is casting a shadow over the room.

They have not been polled because they are too busy working just to pay their bills. They did not buy homes they could not afford, their friends and family are diverse. They love their country, the God of their choice, lover of their choosing and the children they chose to raise.

They are worried about the air we breathe, the human and physical infrastructure, the safety of our food and toys.

They don't give a damn about whether how our President worships or even if he or she worships. They want and need a leader.

Team W ignored the "sleeping majority".  For those who weren't spurred into action by the environment, Katrina and a senseless bank breaking war, the Wall street debacle woke them from their fitful slumber.

Well done W, you managed to call to action our citizenry and destroy a machine built on the amass of power for power sake.

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