Sunday, October 19, 2008

Phillies, Lions, Tigers and Bears...Oh MY

After the Phillies clinched a berth to the World Series, my daughter and her buddies tried to buy, without success, T-Shirts on line. They sold out immediately.

My daughter who is always thinking and plotting, realized a Modell's was minutes from my office. My cell phone exploded early Thursday morning with a order for shirts. "I promise to get your money back, world's best Mom."

I hate to shop, especially in the mall.

Caught in a weak moment, I planned my mall mission. I'd take a late lunch, swoop in and out of the mall 15-20 minutes max. My associate amused at my plight, concurred with my strategy.

1:30pm I began my journey. Arriving at the mall five minutes later, the light parking lot gave me hope.

My bounty: 2 mediums, 1 2XL and 1 for the little guy.

The only store with customers was.........Modells. It was pandemonium. The clerks were trying to restore some order to the shirts on the tables, and process the Phanatics as quickly as practical.

Most of my fellow customers were on their cell phones confirming orders.

Those standing in line were sharing tales of where they watched the game.

Mission Accomplished, I returned to my office, one hour and twenty minutes later. My associate looked at the clock and smirked "20 minutes max, huh." "Whatever" as a turned into my office.

I called my daughter to let her know how I swan through piranhas, fought the locust and survived the hail storm but I secured her shirts.

There was a brief silence before she said "Did you kill Lions, Tigers and Bears?" cracking up at the retort.

Oh my....

Go Phillies!

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