Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell endorsement another safe move?

Yesterday, I attended a baby shower for my cousin. Like weddings and funerals, these events bring together family and friends who, because of life, rarely gather. Our family is a mix of everything, black, white and hispanic. Occupations range from bartender, attorney, entrepreneurs and even insurance executives.

 In the middle of those God-awful silly baby shower games, (Why ladies? Why?) Powell's scheduled appearance surfaced in the conversation.

An older militant cousin was thrilled in anticipation of his endorsement of Obama. "Isn't that great?," she enthused.

"Big deal, he is trying desperately to repair his image. Powell is an American hero. His luster lost it's shine after he used his credibility when he presented closing arguments for this war, " I countered.

Swiftly, " he only presented what he was told, and he even resigned."

"Powell was the only one in the administration the public  thought put the country first. He privately challenged the intel he presented to the world." His so called resignation would had more of an effect if the timing were before his famous sales job, " I replied.

Gee, wouldn't been nice if Powell would have endorsed Obama when it really mattered?

The room grew silent.

With a smile, she patted her well groomed short afro, "you could always give me a tussle."

I gave her a hug, "A must in this family."

The shower games continued............

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