Sunday, November 19, 2006

Damp, dreary and awful

At the beginning of the season, I predicted the Eagles would go 10-6 for the season. The down side of that prediction, is that I would have to suffer through six loses.

The Eagles are 5-5. On paper the Eagles should have be at least 7-3, going into the Colts game next week. Donovan McNabb is out for the season, AGAIN. The Eagles have not looked wonderful with the Syracuse Savior. When he wasn't throwing up at critical points of a game, he did manage to make something out of nothing.

The Titans struggle against the run, what does Reid do? Take a QB who has not played all season and utilize the West Coast offense. The Eagles version continues to be offensive. It was 7-3 when journeyman Jeff Garcia entered the game. THE RUN would have given him time to get in a rhythm.

The two killer running plays that Jeff Fisher's offense shoved down the once feared defense sealed the deal. Even the heart of the team, Brian Dawkins dropped a possible interception, which could have shifted the momentum.

When Automatic Akers and the field goal unit walks on the field, you can bank on those three points. Not today. A high hike?

Fisher did begin his coaching his career under Buddy Ryan here in Philadephia. But instead of giving the young defensive coordinator a shot, Brahman promoted Rich Kotite....I digress.

Fisher's young team was prepared to exploit the weaknesses of this team.

Reid's team struggles to do the basics, catch passes, run the football and make tackles.

The Colts lost to the Cowboys (BOOOOO) today, ending their streak at 9-1.

The money men at the networks moved the Eagle v Colts game to prime time expecting a great game. They sold their sponsors the same bill of goods, that the Eagles sold their fans.

Unfortunately, this year my beloved Eagles are not ready for prime time.

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