Tuesday, November 28, 2006

His vision

Eighteen months ago, my boss of the hour arrived on the scene. According to both of my outgoing bosses, "he has an impressive resume" and will be "great" for me and the company.

It wasn't the first time men have lied to me.

His vision included the streamlining of processes and cutting expenses. He never bothered to evaluate these procedures, his vision dictated these changes. His vision became my personal nightmare.

The collateral damage of his vision were the loss of institutional knowledge, talented staff, lost friendships and a 30% loss of revenue.

He summarily dismissed everybody's marketing plans. He wouldn't get mired in messy practices such cold calling or any standard forms of business development, because he had a vision.

He came in as the Chief Operating Office of two companies, was reassigned as a President of one company. His current role is Chief Account Executive of a product line.

The past two days he spent time in my office, his stated purpose was to discuss our marketing plan for the upcoming year.

I am convinced he retreated to our location to hide from our boss, the CEO.

After droning on about the new owners and upper management for two hours, he sat back in his chair and ask me who are the target markets and what is our message....

What is our message?

The only thing that prevented me from jumping across the desk and beating the crap out of him was the thought of ruining my new suit.

I just glared at him. Our services have not changed since he has joined our organization and this jackass is basically starting at square one.

I did not think he could surprise me. We have not had a dedicated salesperson for this product line for the four years that I have been here. What a shock! The only new business has been the low-hanging fruit.

Our pipeline has been retention.

My boss brought in one of his boys, who was supposed to be the answer for new business. They both have brought in squatta of new business but took down three times as much money as I find in my own check.

We are going to spend 100K on remodeling and I can only give my staff a 3% raise.

My best friend talked me down on my way to my massage. She reminded me that she could not find any job.

Reality check.

The pay is nice but I am on the front line and have had to implement the changes that my boss of the hour comes up with while daydreaming.

He speaks of all of his contacts who have made a lot of money. It is not lost on me that they are not working with him and no one took him along for their ride.

He is a wrecking ball with an impressive resume that will include the damage that he has done to his latest victim: our division.

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