Thursday, November 30, 2006

True Love

A very dear friend of mine divorced his wife years ago. Two children were given life as the result of this union. While the marriage did not last their love has endured and grown.

When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he moved back in with her and their two children to assist his family with this phase of her life. This while working in this dreadful insurance business. He works all day then rushes home to relieve the home health care nurse.

He is being strong for her and their children. This process has been hard but he never complains. You can hear the stress in his voice. He always assures me that he is fine and that it will be over soon as his vioce trails off....

(Her life expectancy is six to eight weeks.)

Then he reminds me that she had become his best friend after their marriage ended. Funny how that works sometimes.

I pray for him and his family daily. I am blessed to know this man.

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