Thursday, November 09, 2006

Your life is not a reality show

It is no secret that the Bush Dynasty takes care of their own. Throughout Georgie Boy's life, when he managed to get in a bind, the family came along and made it all better.

There is nothing wrong with parents providing love, wisdom and where appropriate guidance. But there comes a time in normal families that a child is taught responsibility. If you engage in inappropriate behavior, there are consequences. The most powerful lessons are learned by screwing up and dealing with the fallout. It is called life. Clearly Georgie Boy was spared the rod and denied hugs.

The citizens have spoken by throwing out the Republicans. Rummy is gone, Cheney is shooting ducks some place and the military is periously close to a coup.

He behaved like a petulant child from the beginning. When they stole the second election, the next day he came out talking serious smack. A surprising attitude coming from a cheerleader. 51% is not a mandate. Looking at his resume' what has he done well? Nothing comes to mind. Our democracy was Georgie's latest toy.

Once again the matriarch of this horrible family will change his diaper; kiss him on the forehead and assure him that Poppa will make it all better.

Memo to Georgie:

41 will still like Clinton more than you. He will resent you for, once again, cleaning up your train wreak of a life again. Rest assured a Thanksgiving dinner invitation will not be forth coming from Jeb. Because of your need to get your way, you ruined his chances for a shot at the Presidency. Your goofy sister wrote a book to get some Daddy time on a book tour..
The Hulk Hogan reality show is less painful to watch. When it gets too ugly, changing the channel makes them go away.

Your life is not a reality show. Changing the channel does not make the problems that you created and/or ignored disapper.

I trust the White House's benefits plan makes an EAP program available to you. I think the average taxpayer would not mind paying for you to work out your unresolved family issues by going to family counseling. It would be a lot cheaper than how you have dealt with them to date.

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Pete Boardman said...

Let us remember September 11, 2001

Let us not forget the demolition of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Today is November 11, 2006, five years and two months have lapsed. It is Veterans Day, a day for remembering those who innocently or maliciously have lost their lives in service to the Flag and the Nation or in defense of the Constitution and the People of this great country.

Let us not forget the day when the only two airline disasters in the history of aviation do not have material proof or pictorial evidence of the aircraft supposedly involved in the District of Columbia and in the Commonwealth (so called) of Pennsylvania.

Let us not forget the day that there were coordinated but separate "exercises" involving on one side the hijacking of commercial aircraft and on the other side the distant deployment of military fighter jets away from our Eastern Cities while supposedly other really hijacked planes were flown into the WTC. (The reality is that we do not know what flew into those buildings.)

Let us not forget that the paper and plastic passports of passengers were "recovered", but that the metal and insulated black boxes were "lost". It was these events, "coincidentally" occurring on one day that led to the disastrous policy of "War on Terror" and the attack on and occupation of two Nation States.

Let us not forget. Let us remember and investigate, with a truly independent commission, the crimes and atrocities of the real perpetrators of these crimes against the American People and other innocent people across the world.

Let us remember the source of our current occupations of foreign countries. Let us remember what the American and Coalition Troops are really fighting and dying for. They have been lied to and deluded about their "mission". They are not protecting the American People or the Constitution of the United States. They are not providing security for their country. They are not fighting the terrorists, they are in fact and deed, serving the terrorists.

Let us remember September 11, 2001 and with that memory bring our troops home with the charge to secure our government from enemies within, to protect the Constitution from the assaults on it perpetrated by the current administration and condoned by the current mis-representatives of the people, and to protect the people from a tyrannical cartel that has gone to murderous extremes to wrest from the people the power and wealth of this great nation.

Pete Boardman
111 Sykes St.
Groton, NY 13073