Sunday, November 19, 2006

Invade first, talk later

Rape is a violent assault. There is an aggressor and a victim. At times it is a random act of violence or there is a serious communications problem, with both parties leaving the encounter with a different interpretation of events. If the terms and conditions of the "act" are clear to the consenting parties, the experience can be a beautiful. Failure to engage in such diplomacy before the "act" can lead to serious complications.

Kissinger is now saying that that a military victory in Iraq is impossible. Is he suggesting diplomacy? Wasn't he the one freely welcome in the White House advising Georgie Boy to stay the course? He is either floating a trial balloon for Pappa Bush's HazMat team or he is joining the friends and advisors who running from Bush who lead the assault on this country. The victims are our brave soldiers, their families and the private citizens who just happen to be living in the wrong part of the world.

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