Sunday, December 17, 2006

He is just crazy

The contest featured record-breaking field goal Morten Andersen, handing his wife his jersey after kicking one through the upright for the beleaguered Falcons. To everyone's surprise, there was lot of scoring by both teams. The dreaded Cowboys (BOOOOO) won, securing a spot in the second season.

If T.O. is anywhere in the state, he is the center of drama. This jackass was not happy to catch two touchdowns in this game. He felt compelled to share his saliva with Falcon's cornerback DeAngelo Hall.

Hall was talkin' trash, which is common in any sports venue, unless you are on a golf course. Poor TO he couldn't take it anymore so this is what he did. The handful of remaining T.O. fans has been reduced to his grandmom and agent.

He is a disgrace. The league will fine him less that what he pays in taxes in his weekly check. The best thing that could happen to him, is that the media simply ignore him. He is too old to spank, ignoring him would be the worst punishment in the world.

He needs the drama, we don't. Stop feeding the beast, let's go a whole week without talking about him. Jerk.

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