Monday, December 25, 2006

I will be the first to defend your right to be a dumbass, Virgil

I really have no patience for stupid people. What offends me more, is a stupid person in a position of power with a very large megaphone.

The winner this week is Rep. Virgil Goode from the great state of Virginia. All he has to do is read the the FIRST article of the Constitution, if his attention span does not permit him read the entire document. According to my history teachers, people fled to these shores to escape religious persecution.

Worse, Rahm Emanuel's solution is Virgil to meet with Rep-Elect Keith Ellison. I suppose once they meet Goode will see the light and stop being a racist. Who died and made Virgil that important?

Ellison, like it or not, was BORN in this country and really shouldn't have to defend himself to Virgil from Virginia. The voters from his district put him in office.

No one, other than the folks from his district, ever heard of Virgil before this infamous letter. Virgil needs to spend more time reading the document that he is supposed to protect.

BTW your ignorant commentary is protected in the same Article. Let me be the first in line to defend that right, VIRGIL.

If my momma named me VIRGIL I would be fearful too......

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