Sunday, December 17, 2006

When was the last time you received a party when you got fired?

Last February, three competent employees were reorganized out of my company. In my president's brave new world, they were deemed expendable.

You know the deal when an employee leaves, LA riots ensue. Before the disposed employee reaches the elevator, the looting is completed. This process takes, oh, ten minutes max. Admit it, when one of your coworkers takes a week long vacation or is out sick for more than two days, your eye up their stuff.

The affect of their dismissal had such a profound impact, their work stations were treated like a crime scene. The only thing not present was the yellow crime tape. Only with the recent EBITDA driven renovations have prompted the actual touching of their remaining things.

On that cold morning, they received their final check and their personal belongings were packed up in a record twenty minutes. Many of the remaining employees had no idea what occurred until they were huddled into a conference room for a rare impromptu meeting. For some this was the first time they were introduced to my boss and his vision. His guarantees of continued employment fell on shocked deaf ears.

It has been ten months and the survivors only speak of that day in a whisper. When the HR manager and my boss pay a visit to our office, a good portion of the day before is spent promising no harm will come of their visit.

Real world response to the termination of three coworkers. Unless you work for Bubble Boy's White House.

It is bad enough, that Paul Bremer and George Tenant were given prizes after they left for their "hard work" and incompetence, our boy Rummy gets a party. He gets a forum to tell the soldiers he has not sacrificed and the world how much he will be missed.

All three no doubt were spared the "walk of shame." You may know what that feels like, walking past your now former work family with all of your crap in a bankers box. Unless you are in the ranks of the still employed. Then it is combination of sympathy but relief that you are still employed. Some look away or mouth from a distance "Call me."

Maybe thia trio will call Colin Powell and get together once a month like, the ex-employees of my company. Weird, huh?

Yep, once a month they get together at a local bar or restaurant. Some celebrate the freedom of not being employed by our organization. For others the bitterness is palatable, according to my sources.

Luckily, the now departed employees missteps did not cost any lives. I wish the same could be said for the gang that has left Bubble Boy's administration.

Unfortunately, MSM doesn't see the madness of this administration. Oh I forgot, they want to be invited to White House holiday party. While our citizens soldiers are dying in Iraq; the pundits wasted valuable air time frettin' about what Bubble Boy will say to them during their photo shoot at the White House party. These are same "journalists" who did not ask the hard questions when it mattered. They are now concerned if Bubble Boy is upset with them because they are finally questioning this disaster.

I am sure our battered troops would love to see the money spent on the White House party spent on body armour. After attending the grown up version of a high school party at the cool kid's house, they will return to the comfort of their homes. No fear of insurgents in the beltway.

Our founding fathers empowered the press with the freedom to hold our elected officials accountable. Instead of focusing on the loss of lives and injuries associated with this disaster, the press gave Rummy's termination party plenty of airtime.

Who wouldn't like a televised forum to tell a former employer how much they will miss you when you are gone, without the fear of being escorted to the door by security?

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