Sunday, December 03, 2006

"What was the score?"

I had lunch with the folks today, a weekly ritual that I enjoy. Both of my parents are retired. It is my Dad's job to keep me informed of what he thinks is news worthy. It took me months to get him to stop watching the Devil news channel. The NY Daily News and the Star are his current alternative news sources. I am convinced that he reads this crap just to drive me crazy. He just laughs at me when he quotes something outrageous. So when he brings up a topic, I usually roll my eyes and ask him his source.

A group of college kids walked into to the local restaurant which prompted today's topic. "Did you hear about Lincoln's team?"
They scored over two hundred points.

Lincoln University in not known for sending athletes to ANY professional sport.

Apparently, they scored so many points, that the scoreboard did not have the capacity to add more than 201 points.

It was bad enough that there was such an imbalance in the final score. He shook his head in disbelief, when interviewed by a local reporter, the leading point scorer admitted that he could not add up his 21 three pointers in his head.

I suppose he is not majoring in math.

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