Monday, December 25, 2006

What about the families of the deceased?

Bubble Boy has actively avoided the families of those soldiers killed in this debacle. News coverage of funerals has been frowned upon by this administration and complied with by the MSM.

I think the soldiers, who have managed not to die, would prefer to be home with their friends and family than to chat with their Commander-In-Chief.

I support the troops and the sacrifices of their families. However, it saddens me that their lives have been so casually been used in the family Bush war games. I am not so convinced that all members of this volunteer military new what they signed up for.

Could they know more than their fearless leaders?

Bubble Boy's stubborn resolve is an indication of a man so out of touch with reality, impeachment would be too easy. He should be imprisoned for sending these folks to Iraq and the lack of preparation for peace.

During your "thank you" calls, did you tell these folks when they could come home?

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