Monday, June 04, 2007

A dead dream or nightmare for the professor?

I read Bill Maxwell's piece and came away with mixed feelings. I was saddened and disturbed by the attitudes of the students. But I was a more than little annoyed about the tone. Clearly, the story was all about HIM.

These students were not "wowed" by the fact, they were object of his attention. I guess they were supposed to be thrilled they became his little project.

Unfortunately, many of these students were not properly prepared to be in college students. Some were struggling just to get through the day. Who pays their bills if they miss a shift to attend a field trip? Will they lose their low paying jobs if they ask for the time off?

It is not easy to work your way through college. Its harder, when a foundation or support system does not exist. Mr. Maxwell chose to work in this environment. He obv had or made opportunities which lead him to a different place in this world.

What drove him to this awful place? Did he want to make a difference? Really? Or was this stop to add to his resume? Worse, was he using this adventure to develop a story for a movie of the week about how he saved these students?

When the students did not move on Maxwell's manufactured game board, according to his worldview, he maligned them.

As for the registrar's office employees, this nonsense goes on in most institutions. Ask any student trying to make changes to schedules, obtain grades or get a copy of your transcript. Anybody with a degree has a registrar's war story.

For him to condemn these students is just sad. This smacks of the folks who pretend to be poor, write about it, then return to their comfortable life.

Shame on him.

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