Thursday, June 14, 2007

Phillies Sweep Sox: Delaying the inevidable

I sat through the Businessperson's special with one of the few clients who is smart, funny and pleasant. Our seats were in the porch section of the stadium, just left of center field. The overcast sky and cool breeze was perfect weather for watching the game.

The kid they called up from the minors, Kyle Kendrick did himself proud. He pitched five good innings and punched his first big league hit.

Aaron Rowand was money with his timely grandslam performance. He's the guy the management constantly threaten to trade. If they do, he will join the ranks of traded players who collected world series rings.

As the game progressed, we sat through a series of poor managerial decisions on both sides. The Sox intentionally walked Pat Burrell TWICE. My coworker finally turned to me and said "Lady, with our upper management, you should be used to dumb managerial decisions." Good point.

The Phillies managed to win 8-4. The 10K loss will come soon enough.

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