Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hilton Released: To be rich in America

I am home today because my security system in my car is acting goofy. My mechanic had to call in a "security specialist." The thought is scary, yet amusing.

The Breaking News is young Ms. Hilton was released to house arrest to finish out her sentence. Judging from what wasn't said at the press conference, Hilton no doubt threw a temper tantrum, threatened to hurt herself and finally held her breath.

After annoying all of the adults involved, the compromise was the "house arrest" crap. If she wasn't the celebrity brat, this would not be news.

I would love to be confined to Ms. Hilton's home for 40 days. I am not sure which is more annoying, what happened or the MSM making it a priority.

Aren't we at war?


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else pissed about this whole situation?? I read a funny article about what to expect from her early release (house parties.. so on) found it here -

Trakker said...

A news report said she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. waaaah!

WTF does that sheriff think our kids in Fallujah feel after a few months there? I say give the spoiled brat a choice, 40 days in the slammer or 15 months in Fallujah. We've got kids her age dying over there. I doubt she even knows it...