Saturday, June 16, 2007

Newspapers are a Business

I just hope as Will Bunch is writing his book, he acknowledges newspapers are a business. The owners are subject to the same pressures as the local bakery. Quality, service and customers.

I find that when the survival of newspapers is discussed, the evil money grubbing owners are the target. The quality of the paper is rarely if ever addressed.

I love newspapers. I used to buy three newspapers daily. The local, regional and a national paper. I now get the regional and national news online. I would not fall into the stereotypical techie. This is part of the problem.

The major issue is, after the MSM jumped into bed with this administration, about EVERYTHING, I no longer trust them. I am not alone. The reporters failed miserably at doing their Constitutionally protected job.

Poor quality leads to less customers, which translates into less REVENUE, which leads to layoffs. Maybe if most reporters did their jobs, instead of worrying about getting invited to the holiday parties, a marked improvement in the product would occur.

Before you throw up in the corner Will, you are the exception, not the rule. Good Luck with your latest project.

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