Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anita Hill

I remember watching in horror the Clarence Thomas hearings. Arlen " I need to be the center of attention" Spector, was the worst offender.

This woman was minding her business when she was drug before the Circus De Congress only to be put on trial.

The fact that Clarence Thomas sits on the Supreme Court is why I did not vote for Arlen nor stay in a room when he speaks.

What is always disturbing about victims of harassment or rape, far too many are accused by particularly women of asking for it. Amazing.

At one point in my career, I was a Labor Administrator and I was responsible for the internal harassment investigations. To a man, the harasser was as attractive as Clarence and felt entitled to a booty call from the victim. Too often, the woman's attire, hair do and attitude were called into question. This was in the late eighties, early nineties.

Sadly, not much has changed.

 A known harasser, Carl Greene,  was recruited to run The Philadelphia Housing Authority. (Well done, Governor Rendell).

Whenever, women ignored his advances that ugly little man, either reassigned them to the Authority's version of Siberia or made life so miserable they quit. An internal venue did not exist to report and investigate claims.

His political reach was such, they were afraid to report their claims to the local EEOC. The claims that were settled, the Board had no knowledge of the claims.

He got a free pass because he turned the program around. He did, at what cost?

As his reign of terror was unfolding on the local newspapers, and his biggest supporter ran for cover, Board Member City Councilwoman was his biggest defender. BRUTAL.

For Mrs. Thomas to track down Ms. Hill and demand an apology makes my brain cease up. Questioning Ms. Hill's motivation renders me speechless.

h/t Trakker @ Neon Gods.

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