Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The One that Got Away

Once in a lifetime, the one enters your life. There is just something about the look, the way he moves, his execution. He doesn't wander around the mound, play with himself, call constant timeouts for endless conversations with his catcher.  He prepares before the game, has a plan goes right to the business at hand.

 Ohhhh Baby.

There is no doubt in my mind, Ruben Amaro watched Cliff Lee drop the Yankees like a returning high school star pitching to a little league team;  experienced the same feeling.

As a phan, the rumors abound as to how this baseball romance ended.  Like star crossed lovers, the timing did seem to be right. Lee is a Philly kind of guy. Working class sensibility with the right amount of attitude and charm.  Only Lee and Amaro know the real deal.

He moved on and so did we...sort of.

During interviews throughout the season, Lee speaks longingly of his brief stint in Philly.

Oswalt is nice, but he doesn't have the it factor that stops you in your tracks.

When the one pitches, the game is no longer a backdrop to a novel or other activities. Big Daddy Lee commands your attention.

As the game ended, with a heartbroken sigh, I ponder what could have been and pine after the one that got away.

Maybe, just maybe, Amaro will create a miracle and Big Daddy will return the loving cheers of the Philly Phaithful.

What the hell, a girl can dream.....

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Trakker said...

Sigh. Losing Cliff Lee hurt. A lot. But note, I'm writing this as an Indian fan. I know why the Indians had to give him up, but the Phillies? Why?