Monday, October 18, 2010

Pitchers are ball players too

How often is the spot in the batting line up for the pitcher is an automatic out? Well, our boy Roy O was not having it.

He had a good first at bat. When Chase's bat did not produce a hit, he reached for Rollin's bat which had failed the owner throughout the season.

In the 2008 series, Brett Myers' unthinkable at-bat was a unbelievable turning point in the post series.

If the Phillies win the World Series this year, phans will look to the site of this not so fast red streak, defying all the rules and sliding home. The Bank rocked.

When the coach of the year strode out on the mound in the eighth inning to relieve a Oswalt for a job well done, my guess was Oswalt was not having it.

Again, defying the rules, Manuel left him to complete the eighth inning. The boys left me and all of Philadelphia breathless.

Lesson here.........screw the rules.

Memo to Hamels, no low inside fast balls to Mr. #$% Ross......

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