Monday, October 18, 2010


I fell in love with football when Lynn Swann was running for passes not political office.

My struggle with this sport is the violence. The legal hit to LeSean Jackson was frightening to watch. The kid was out cold for two minutes. Not good.

Maybe I am paying more attention, but it seems to getting worse.

Unlike the other sports, the NFL has a short season. Eighteen weeks. Weddings, parties and even funerals are planned around a favorite team.

Many fans, like me rarely go to the game, but game is a backdrop to my fall activities. Even in my Mom's dementia altered mind, she is still appalled about a Christmas dinner scheduled around an Eagles games. Dessert was served during the game.

If all of the football fans voted with the same passion our Congress would look much different.

The players are bigger, faster, stronger.

Cris Carter recommended a bigger field which will slow the game.

It's a start.

OR, fans like me stop supporting it...

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Trakker said...

I've spent years trying to convince my wife, the dancer, that football is as much dance as it is sport. And it is, if you watch closely.

But she will have none of it. She sees the brutal hits, the players carted off the field in stretchers and taken to the hospital for observation, and the retired players hobbling around in pain.

It's a high price to pay to dance.