Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scary Times

With the fall comes the race for the World Series (Go Phillies), fall elections and evidence of the arrival of Halloween.

The folks behind the masks do not scare me as much as those who have a platform on FAUX news and the need for the MSM to give angry white people a voice.

The Republicans pull out all stops when they lose power. This started when the Hick from Arkansas was elected to their surprise, not once but twice.

Now my God, there is a Negro in the White House this is just untenable.

You can't change the mind of angry person.

But there are those who only sort of pay attention, indifferent toward the voting process, with the right information can be swayed.

In 2006, several of my close friends and I got off the sidelines and got very involved in politics.
We became committee people; wrote checks for progressive candidates and hit the streets for GOTV. It reached a crescendo in 2008.

Silly us, we actually thought we did something.

With the blatant refusal to accept the legitimacy of this Presidency and a ball-less Congress, we have returned to 2008 fighting form.

We have shot at knockimg off Gerlach and Toomey. Onorato has been painfully absent on this side of the state.

He needs the critical five county suburban area to win. It has been trending blue for years.

It has been the fear of the alternative that has driven most activists versus embracing a candidate..Sestak comes to mind.

The voter indifference will be the death to our Republic. Let's hope more folks show up on November 2, and stay engaged or Frank Rich will be right.....again.

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