Saturday, March 03, 2007

Baby shots, Market drops, Hirsch informs

My daughter just started a new job, so she could not scoot out to take her son to the doctors. My schedule lends itself to flexibility, so I took my grandbaby to the doctors. My dad was always willing to assist with this task, so I was satisfying my karmic debt.

This four month appointment involved shots. Wonderful. The little man and the nurse sobbed uncontrollably.
I looked at this crazy bitch and reminded her that she is a trained professional.

After that nightmare, I loaded little Mr. Handsome up in his massive carseat/carrier. The carseat weighs more than the baby. As he was whimpering quietly in his car seat, I settled in to listen to the news on NPR.

Well, the first bit of lovely news was the market plummeted. At one point, it dropped by the lowest percentage since 9-11. The spin was the market was "correcting" itself. Our ties to the global market place resulted in a direct hit. The Chinese market nosedived and our market joined them. The late afternoon computer drama did not help the situation. My headache was getting worse.

Next up, Terry Gross interviewed Seymour Hirsch. He is a good writer, but he never brings great tidings, per se. Tuesday was no exception. He was basically saying, that our country was inadvertently funding our enemies, through the mismanagement of this dumb war.

I began to whimper with my grandbaby.

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