Sunday, March 04, 2007

Farmers new labor pool: Inmates

Face it, farming is hard work. Most people raised on a farm, grow up and away from this type of labor. Our farmers for years have relied on immigrant labor using the played out argument, Americans refuse to do this work. What is not said, is that Americans refuse to work in terrible conditions for no money.

Now these poor farmers are using prisoners because the immigrants are fleeing Colorado. The enforcement of immigration laws are sending shock waves through this exploited community.

Solution? These farmers are paying non-violent inmates 60 cents an hour.

I have a novel idea. Why not pay these inmates at least minimum wage. When they are released from prison, they will have acquired marketable skills. The money could be used to pay fines or get them started on their new life.

Or the farmers could employ these newly trained workers and pay them a LIVING WAGE.

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