Monday, March 05, 2007

How dare you be too poor to leave before Katrina struck

The vile just keeps seeping out of the CPAC convention. Newt Gingrich wants the victims to be investigated.

How dare you people be subjected to institutional economic racism.

How dare you people be not be smart enough not to move out of a state where the educational system is deplorable.

How dare you people not have the money or the transportation to leave the state when the storm warnings came.

How dare you people to work at below slave wages and have no disposable income.

How dare you as a people be so poor and so black that you put the spotlight on this country's contempt for you.

How dare you people not to be able to anticipate the magnitude of the storm.

How dare you people expect help to come in the form of your government.

How dare you people expect millions of tax dollars not to be pissed away through fraud and malfeasance.

How dare you people not to sit in the boardrooms where decisions are made to outsource your jobs

How dare you people make rich white people uncomfortable enough to be shamed but not shamed enough to do something to ease your pain.

How dare you people not having the courtesy or luxury to be born white and rich in our wonderful country.

How dare you..........Newt Gingrich

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