Saturday, March 03, 2007

Don't you have to be a Democrat to give the Democratic Response

We did not have a honeymoon after the 2006 election. First Pelosi pulled impeachment off the table, now Reid has Lieberman give the Democratic response to his boy's radio address. Help me.

I think it is really time for the emergence of a strong progressive party. We forget, at the inception of our wonderful nation, the political parties were not Democrats and Republicans. Reid, Lieberman and Clinton are looking out for their agenda, not ours.

At critical times, in our history, a third party emerged. I think we are once again at that critical period. The mere fact, Lieberman was not pushed under the bus in August, is astounding to me.

Everytime, that SOB opens his mouth his arrogant cluelessness is on display. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THOSE FOLKS IN CONNECTICUT??????

Please stamp RETURN TO SENDER on Lieberman's backside and give him a one way Amtrak ticket home.

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