Monday, March 19, 2007

Zip it baby, Zip it real good

Tony Snow is showing signs of being defensive. As we face a fourth year in Iraq, I guess he has grown as weary as his fellow citizens of this war. The difference is he can walk away from his gig as Press Flak anytime he chooses. The only damage will be to his ego. I am sure Fox News will provide him with a well paid soft landing. The same can not be said for the soldiers and their families who have been unjustly put in harms way.

To repeat all of the catch phrases and administration assessments on this anniversary would be simply piling it on.

They have no idea what SUCCESS looks like, nor does anyone. With that in mind, it is time to conclude this horrendous game.


Trakker said...

I watched Snow at the "gaggle" today and came to the conclusion that I wouldn't take a job like that (spinning for Bush) for all the money in China! Course I was brought up to tell the truth so I wouldn't last a day...

Great blog, Sally. (Like the name, too)

Bookmarked, and recommended at "Neon Gods."

Sally Hemings in Paris said...

Wonderful. Thanks