Thursday, March 15, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

Growing up in the 60's, Vegas was celebrated as the place to be. If you are a boomer, your thoughts turn to the Elvis movie and start humming the title song. Or even start dancing. It's OK, your secret is safe with me.

It was the home of the Rat Pack, Elvis and Wayne Newton. There were glamorous shots of the "strip", show girls and the casino floors. It was sexy and a little edgy. The mob built town has transitioned to a Corporate community. Steven Wynne and Donald Trump have replaced Bugsy Segal and Jimmy Hoffa. Because of the coporate climate, Vegas has become the fastest growing communities in the country. Jobs and the weather are the attraction.

A conference sponored by Campaigns and Elections, brings me to Vegas. I don't drink or gamble. The mini-break from my life is a welcome diversion. No complaints but daily executive drama and death of my friend have left me cold. Sometimes distance permits the space for reflection.

Since it was a clear day, the pilot gave us the gift of the view of the Grand Canyon. My previous trips west did not include this treat.

I am staying at the Flamingo only because that is where the conference is being held. My room is charming but dated. The furniture appears to be older than me. It looks like it should have been delivered to an old ladies beachfront property 30 years ago. The hotel is clean and the staff pleasant. I have a nice view of the property's manufactured garden with mountains as a backdrop.

I am still operating on eastern standard time so I did get to see a spectacular sunrise. Life is good.

Viva Las Vegas!

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