Sunday, June 08, 2008

Clinton: The Long Slow Goodbye

After another one of my business-related odysseys, Tuesday night, I found myself exhausted and alone in my hotel room. 

Because I couldn't help myself, I turned on the tube expected to see the final chapter of the Clinton campaign. I wondered how gracious she would leave the world stage. Losses are tough. Sportsmanship is honored more than the gifted athlete. How you lose is more important than how you win. You are taught this as a child. 

What was I thinking?

As her non-graceless speech concluded, I found myself exhausted, prancing in just my suit blouse, screaming profanities at the television. Are you kidding me?  So much for my Yoga living. My teacher would have been appalled.

Looking back, it was so Clintonian.  So after a long much needed bike ride yesterday, I watched her speech. To call it a concession speech for the event, would simply be premature.

Six or seven minutes into her event, came the end of her historic campaign and the support for Obama. Better late than never. I held my breath, not sure of how she would conclude her speech. 

There is talk of Obama's cabinet being composed of a Team of Rivals. The question true question is whether HRC will emerge as a friend or foe. 

We forget that Lincoln did not keep them all.............

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Trakker said...

I love the way Dana Milbank described it last Wednesday in the WaPost:

"In Defeat, Clinton Graciously Pretends to Win"

Spot on!

Sally Hemings in Paris said...