Saturday, June 21, 2008

Juice is the word

"Juicing the Game", by Howard Bryant caught my eye in the bargain bin on a recent outing to Barnes & Noble. The book was published in 2005 when the scandal reached its peak.

Being a rabid baseball fan, I am painfully aware of the steroids scandal. It was only 5 bucks, so what the hell. 

I learned about the tiny newspaper and the report who broke the story. I was not surprised the level of collusion from the top down. Nor was I shocked at Reggie Jackson cries of outrage.

Sosa and McGuire's fall from grace was not as disturbing as Barry Bonds. They were average players who needed extra help to make their mark on the game.

What saddened me was how a Hall of Fame bound talent such as Barry Bonds let his ego tarnish his reputation. Did he face challenges? Yep. Were his struggles different than his white counterpart?  Ah yeah. But was his plight worse than his father's, Hank Aaron's, Jackie Robinson? I doubt it. Welcome to being black.

He was born into baseball royalty. He learned the game at the feet of baseball Kings. He grew up in Major League Stadiums. How many boys/men would kill for that opportunity?

 What a jackass.

He will end up in CampFed for lying to the Feds and not reporting his side income to the IRS.

Bud Seilig will go down in history as the WORST baseball commissioner, EVER.

Reaching into baseball's history, Bryant takes the reader to the sad reality of baseball's misguided now.

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