Sunday, June 22, 2008

Harwood, Seib: Pennsylvania Avenue

John Harwood & Gerald  Seib will not win any awards for this book. However, it is like having a nice afternoon snack for political junkies. It reads like a long newspaper article.

It begins how our government landed in it's current ineffectual state.

You are reintroduced to familiar players like Charlie Rangel and Karl Rove and introduced to not so familiar (at least to me) players such as Ken Duberstein and Terry Nelson.

It also hearkens back to the time when stuff got done through bi-partisan efforts. We know getting re-elected trumps managing our nation.

Bush 2 gets all the attention he deserves. 

His brain should not have been given such a free pass. He is single-handedly responsible for our Constitutional Crisis. Since the brain is still close to Bush, I suppose the authors were worried about their White House dinner invitations.

I recommend buying it used. No need to boost sales. The authors/journalists contributed to the current state of affairs for their complacency to the lead up to the war.

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