Friday, June 13, 2008

Five bucks per gallon?

When I'm not traveling to hot spots such as Topeka, Kansas, I have a whopping six mile daily commute. Today my safety director sent me text photos of his final tally at the pump. The realtity of my staff's commute hit home.

Did you know most pumps are programed not to exceed $75? It took two photos to capture the fill-up. He lives 20 miles away and drives a Pilot.

I knew I had to huddle the team to come up with a plan to ease their hurt. Our white board session was revealing. One member of my team commutes 55 miles one way. Several members live near each other. It never occurred to them to carpool.

With technology, my disciplined employees can work from any where.

After kicking around everything from carpooling to working from home we came up with a couple of possibilities.

We settled on a four day work week for most. For the bill processing team, they can work from home.

If my memory serves me correctly, gas was $1.45 when the Supreme Court handed Bush his first term. I'm just sayin'


Trakker said...

Remember years ago when gas approached $2.00/gal (gasp!) and everyone was buying locking gas caps because siphoning was becoming a big problem? I just realized that I have at least $60 worth of gas in my tank most of the time, more after I just fill up. Guess what I'm going to buy soon?!

Sally Hemings in Paris said...

I sure do, there will be a major adjustment in our collective behavior. It will hurt but ultimately be good for us and the country.