Sunday, June 08, 2008

Jim McKay: Sports Pioneer fades to black

Growing up, unlike today, TVs were not an piece of furniture found in at least three rooms. Nor was watching TV the centerpiece of entertainment or family activities. However, watching the the Wild World of Sports brought us together. We were introduced to different sports, held in different countries, more poignant were the back stories of the athletes. McKay's style of reporting was carried over to the Olympics. We were Americans rooting for members of our team. How many non-hockey fans sat in awe when the kids from the US beat the Soviets? Or when Mark Spitz collected his seven gold medals?  Jim McKay was wise friendly uncle who brought us these stories without becoming the story. 

I love Bob Costas and the boys from ESPN. But if not for Jim McKay I would have never fell in love the sports shows of this generation. It is a sad day for sports fans.

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